Enactus Leeds Met Is Through To Nationals!

I think it would be an understatement to say I was proud to be part of Enactus Leeds Met right now.

What Enactus Leeds Met has achieved as a team since September is as Heleni Lindsell, our current VP at Enactus says “[has given us] some great foundations to build on!”

A strong foundation is often the critical part of the business building puzzle. You cannot take bold risks without a strong foundation supporting you if you fail.

I always believed we would qualify from Regionals to Nationals and I would still have been content with the progress we have made over the last few months if we hadn’t progressed any further.

I want to take a moment to recognise the following people who made this presentation possible and made this process so much fun:

  • Hannah Tyers (who wrote some great presentation slides for us!)
  • Heleni Lindsell (who did a great job presenting)
  • John Penman (who kindly stepped in as presenter for me because I had a university commitment, thank you John!)
  • Haydn Wright (who put together a few presentation slides for his new Enactus project!)
  • Alyssa Pierce (who wrote part of the script for our presentation and did an excellent job!)

I want to keep this article short and sweet because I believe the video says much more then I can ever say in words. I am thrilled that Enactus Leeds Met will now progress to compete on the National level and is now one step closer to representing the UK at the Enactus world cup!

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