On Competing In The 2014 Enactus UK National Competition

It’s the weekend before the 2014 Enactus UK National Competition. I am excited!

As many of you know we have been here before. This is the second year that Enactus Leeds Met has competed in the National competition and yet it still feels as fresh and daunting as the weekend before our first visit to the National Competition.

This was the 2012-2013 team last year just after we had done our presentation.

enactus leeds met nationals 2013

It seems like yesterday that we were there amongst the Enactus UK family of students, business leaders and university advisors. I will always have special memories of that first time.

And I have no doubt that this year will be just as special.

enactus leeds met 2014

Enactus Leeds Met 2013-2014 Team

For many Enactus teams this can be the highlight of their year, a chance to showcase their incredible achievements. For Enactus Leeds Met we are going to be proud to stand on that stage in the opening round after an amazing year in which we have worked together to transform the team.

It is at this point in the year that I find myself being highly reflective of my time in Enactus.

We have gone through such incredible change as a team growing from four members to ten, one project to two and have now been able to build more meaningful relationships with university lecturers and student societies which I hope will empower future Enactus Leeds Met teams for years to come.

I am proud to have been a part of that. It wasn’t easy, at times it wasn’t pretty. But it is what made Enactus Leeds Met what it is today.

I hope that we have sown the seeds for future teams to build legendary projects and awe inspiring change in Leeds. I say that I hope because there is never any guarantee in life that things will work as you have planned.

But I believe that what our team has done this year in terms of learning from our mistakes and picking ourselves up after defeat shows that we are a team which has the potential to get there.

If you would like to keep up to date on our updates from Nationals 2014 be sure to follow Enactus Leeds Met on Twitter from Monday 14th to Tuesday 15th April 2014.

5 Must See Ads For Friday 24th January

1) Libero Football Magazine

Women everywhere will rejoice at the power of this message, men everywhere will despair that said women now have a secret weapon to persuade them to take out the rubbish!

This advert was created by Spanish marketing agency LOLA

Source: Youtube

2) TurboTax

YOU are awesome. Turbotax’s advert really addresses the mundane task of tax submissions in such a personal manner. Makes me want to do my tax returns on April 6th.

This advert was created by US marketing agency Weiden+Kennedy.

Source: Youtube.com

3) Old Spice

With a total of 5.2 million views on Youtube (as of January 12th 2014) this advert for Old Spice tells the tale of boys who become men thanks to Old Spice and the mums who are sad this has happened. Very clever.

This advert was created by Weiden+Kennedy.

Source: Youtube

4) Samsung

Who said waiting for the washing to finish has to be unproductive? This advert for the Samsung Digital Inverted Motor showcases a creative approach to sell the benefits of an otherwise mundane feature of a product.

This advert was created by Austrian marketing agency Traktor Wien

Source: Youtube

5) Dallas Pets Alive

This emotive thirty second advert from Dallas Pets Alive has a great twist towards the end of the advertisement. Watch and see…

This advert was created by US marketing agency Dieste.

Source: Youtube

Marketing Monday: Should You Integrate Social Logins?

On Wednesday I was talking on Google+ about the reasons why I like to use social logins to log onto web services.

The number one reason most chose to use a social login is because it is a portable profile which saves them having to complete multiple registration forms.

On the other hand what does you (the marketer) stand to gain from implementing a social login option on your website?

Greater Exposure To Your Target Audience

For every person who clicks the Facebook like button on one of your website articles, videos or the homepage of your company website there is the hidden potential to reach out to a broader audience such as friends and friends of friends of that individual.

Research conducted by Search Engine Land author Danny Sullivan found that “the average media site integrated with Facebook has seen a 300% increase in referral traffic.”

Facebook is the first social plugins I install on any new website I launch. You cannot afford to miss the potential reach of the Facebook network.

Some considerations to make when considering implementing the Facebook social login feature are:

  • Is your Facebook login secure? This article from the Facebook Developer website will guide you on all the security checks you need to do.
  • Does your target audience use Facebook? Don’t forget that despite the fact one billion plus people are now on Facebook, it doesn’t mean your target audience will be. You can use the official guide to learn about how to identify target audiences on the network
  • How will your website visitors interact with the Facebook social features? Too often I see websites where they have gone and activated every single Facebook social plugin feature without consideration to how much usage it would get. The risk with this strategy is that the more features you add, the slower your webpage loads. (which is highly critical to great SEO rankings!)

Free Market Research

The data collected from social logins such as Facebook can provide you with key insights about the audience browsing your website.

You now have access to real-time data from Facebook such as number of likes on each Facebook story, conversion from seeing the comment box to leaving a comment, basic demographic data for each blog post or article and how many times an article was shared on Facebook.

The best part is that you haven’t had to spend a penny on paid advertising to get access to this data.

Social Metrics To Improve Overall Website Traffic

When done right social metrics such as those provided by Facebook can unlock the hidden answers on how to improve your overall content strategy.

Do You Use Social Logins?

So those are just a few key reasons why you should consider implementing social logins.

Are you currently using them, if so why? Leave me a comment below with your thoughts and reactions.

Thankful Tuesday: Change.org and Human Rights Watch

Human rights and social change are two things that truly fascinate me. The two are highly interlinked and incredibly pertinent in the modern world.

That’s why I am going to tell you why I am thankful that Change.org and Human Rights Watch


Firstly let’s talk about Change.org. Change.org is an online platform designed to allow individuals to setup petitions that address major social issues such as poor working conditions in rural countries or unfair tax allowances for major corporations.

In recent years the community at Change.org have influenced companies such as Ryanair, education publisher Scholastic, US teen fashion magazine Seventeen and the BBC to drastically change how they operate.

I am thankful for Change.org because:

  • There is a community of 40 million people worldwide who believe in the power of change.
  • Anyone with an internet connection now has the power to influence key decision makers
  • Every cause, big or small, has a voice.

On a side note I am personally obsessed with the brilliant marketing message on their homepage. It reads “The world’s petition platform. What will you change?”. It just works so well.

Human Rights Watch

Since it was founded in 1978, Human Rights Watch has grown to become a globally recognised non governmental organisation which has done a lot of comprehensive research and advocacy for human rights.

I remember the first time I encountered HRW (Human Rights Watch). Iran has just entered a period of political turmoil after the 2009 elections held in the country.

There was widespread accusations of rigging and ballot box stuffing and the people of Iran were revolting on the streets to protest the political corruption.

The one place I got my information from during this period was HRW. They went to the heart of the social issues afflicting Iran and told compelling stories about how the people of Iran were fighting for justice.

From that moment on, I never saw mainstream news reports in the same way. HRW has introduced me to the world beyond the headlines and I was hooked.

I am thankful for Human Rights Watch because:

  • They have introduced me to the real story behind the headlines
  • They are an inspiring group of individuals who all believe in equality and freedom
  • Mainstream media pays attention to their research – which is more effective then anything the mainstream media could produce.

What Are You Thankful For?

Some people are always grumbling because roses have thorns; I am thankful that thorns have roses.

Alphonse Karr

If you could list two things you are thankful this week, what would they be?

Let me know in the comments below.